ELL Schedule & Daily 5

This year I’m using a modified version of “The Daily 5” to guide my time with my ELL’s.

Daily 5 Book

My reasoning for switching from what I’ve been doing to the Daily 5 stems from some assessments that I did at the end of the year last year. Many of my students are missing skills. But of course, they’re not missing the same information.


In order to help each of them make up what skills they’re lacking, I wanted to be able to do smaller groups. Which lead me to watch what my fellow teachers were doing. There was a grade level who successfully implemented Daily 5 last year, and I was thoroughly impressed with the work their kids were doing.


So, now I’m working on doing a shorter, more focused “Daily 5”.

My kids will be meeting with me for 15 minutes each day, and they will have a choice of centers for the other 15 minutes.


The other activities that students will eventually be doing include:


~ Word Work (spelling activities)

~ Sight Word Activities (Using Fry’s Sight Words List)

~ Fluency Activity (students record themselves reading using an iPod, and use this fluency rubric to assess themselves)

~ Writing Station (once we’ve started doing writing mini-lessons, this choice will be added)


I’ll share more examples of specific activities as I introduce them to the kids.


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