Teacher Tech: What I’m Doing

One way that I’m using technology in my ELL classroom is for my planning.

I use my ipad almost daily to access the Common Core App and the app that is available for our reading series where I can access teachers guides for all grade levels.

 Common Core App



When I am setting up centers for my students, I will purposely pick apps that are appropriate for each students English ability level. My favorite apps to use during centers include:


Futaba – I love this app because I can create my own flash cards, so it can easily be geared for any skill or ability level. There is a free version to try out, but I bought the paid version ($6.99) because I found it so helpful, and the kids loved the competition.


Montessori Crossword – This app is so useful because it really hits phonics skills. I also appreciate that I can target a specific phonics skill (blends, long vowels, short vowels, etc). This app is $2.99.

Montessori Crossword

Sight Word by Photo Touch – Pretty self explanatory. The kids are not entertained for long, but I like that I can have several students playing this at once (with headphones) and I’m still able to identify who is getting them wrong or right. This app is free!

Sight Words by Photo Touch

Classroom Organizer – This app is actually a classroom library organizer. Since I have kids in two buildings checking out books, I had to find an easy way to keep track of who had what. While this isn’t perfect, it’s free.

Classroom Organizer


Does anyone have any favorite apps that they use regularly in their rooms?


One thought on “Teacher Tech: What I’m Doing

  1. Thank you for the recommendations! I’m going to check out the Classroom Organizer. That sounds awesome. I have the Common Core app, and I refer to it all the time. It’s super convenient!

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