Fluency Practice

I love that I am able to have several ipads in my ELL classroom. This enables me to use them during center time.

My favorite new thing to use them for is to help my students work on reading fluency.

This week we’ve been practicing what reading fluently sounds like. We’ve also been using a student friendly rubric that I created.

Fluency Rubric

The students use the free app called Educreations. They take a photo of their fluency passage (from a book, worksheet, magazine, etc) and then they’re able to record themselves reading the passage.


The student is then able to save it to my personal “account” and then they can listen back to themselves and fill out the rubric. I like them to do read one on Monday, and then they practice with a partner on Tuesday through Thursday. On Friday they do their second read. This enables us to compare both reads.

Here’s an example: http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/aileen/10949972/?s=QR8DKx&ref=link

(Not going to lie, I cannot figure out how to embed that into this post….if you know how, please share!)

I like it because I can then go back and listen to ALL of my students fluency reads at one time while seeing what they were reading. In the past, I’ve had the students record themselves using voice recorder, but then I have to keep track by uploading them onto a computer, and keep track of paper copies of what each student read.

Anyone have any other tips that would help the kids enjoy practicing fluency?


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