Goals for the Year

Before I get to the goals, I thought it might be good to share a little bit about my ELL program. I work in a small district in a suburb of a large city. I currently work in two different buildings, but I am primarily at one building for 80% of my time. At of the end of last year I worked with students who speak Spanish, Cambodian, Russian, Swahili, and Chuukese.

I am the only full-time ELL teacher at the elementary level (3 buildings) in my district. There is a part time ELL teacher in the middle school and a part time ELL teacher at the high school.As we transition to a new year, the middle school ELL teacher and I are working on re-working the way that ELL is done in our district. I’ll be sharing a bit about some of the decisions we make along the way.

However, I think it’s always important to improve, so I like to start a new school year with some things I’m working towards.

So without further ado, my Goals for the upcoming school year:

~ Provide something similar to Can-Do Descriptors to classroom teachers. Unfortunately, my state is not part of the WIDA Consortium, so the actual Can-Do Descriptors do not match the assessment that we give to our students. I would like to have this to teachers by September 1.

~ I would like to continue to use Facebook as a communication tool for our ELL families. This includes sharing information, pictures, videos, and student created projects.

~ I would like to hold at least one ELL Family meeting this fall. I would like to discuss the changes happening in my district (we have a new superintendent as well as one of the buildings I’m at has a new principal).

~ I would like to send weekly emails to all classroom teachers with ELL students sharing what we are working on during the pull-out time. I would also like to share teaching tips for specific students and situations.

~ I would like to continue to work on administering assessments in a timely manner. It should not take me 6 weeks to get all of the state assessments done, especially when this means I am not providing services.

~ I would like to re-assess ALL students at the beginning of the year in all four domains. My district only requires us to re-assess students who are new to the district, or who might be ready to test out of ELL services.

~ I would like to move from teaching my states ELL standards to the new Common Core Standards.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming school year?